Make Cubase run on ELK
Please make cubase run on dedicated OS for music production. This would solve a lot of problem as both mac and win are getting too bloated and social/network oriented.

Did you see this?

VST 3.6.11 SDK now available
October 23, 2018

Our latest update to our VST 3 SDK is now freely available from our website. So what does version 3.6.11 bring to the table? Most importantly, it offers a better compatibility with the MIND Music Lab’s ELK SDK, allowing developers to create VST plug-ins that run seamlessly in ELK-powered musical instruments and audio processors. This update also includes an enhancement to Note Expression for better integration of keyboard supporting MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE).

One more thing we would like to point out at this stage: with the release of the VST 3.6.11, the SDK for VST 2 has officially been discontinued. We are happy that third-party developers are now looking forward and will continue VST plug-in development with the SDK of VST 3.

Thanks Steve, somehow I missed that news. Nice to know theyre lookin into new things and options