make cubase smoother with "real time" handling

no hiccup when turning inserts on & off
also no hiccup when assigning send FX

when changing tempo in record or play mode real time make it smooth, now its not controllable
and some other aspects i dont recall now

Just to add to this, i experimented with Groove agent 4 stand alone,and there everything i mentioned in regard to real time “smoothness” feels great.
i mean, i can add/remove plugins in mixer section and no hiccups, i change tempo in “real time” while patterns are played, its smooth…
whish to have this smoothness" (at least in some degree with no very high latency plugins )

i demoed ableton live 9 and some things there are really sweet… i added and removed plugins smoothly, tempo changes in real time is smooth, i like their groove quantize changes(dont remember the exact terminology) really good…