"Make Direct Offline Processing Permanent" does not work in Pool window

Updated from Cubase 9 to 9.5.0 a little bit ago and not a fan of how the revised “offline processing” is now implemented:

• using the command “make direct offline processing permanent” does not work on files selected in the pool!

The file has to be on an audio track, which I consider a bug. This was working fine with the “freeze edits” command in Cubase 9 (and earlier). Very easy to reproduce:

• do offline process on any audio file
• pool will show the “processed” status for file
• select file in pool
• select “make direct offline processing permanent”
→ doesn’t work

This is on Mac 9.5.0 Build 55. I find this new implementation highly problematic for several reasons:

• “making direct offline processing permanent” now creates a new audio file with a new name add-on
→ was not the case with “freeze edits” in earlier versions

• this leads to the old file still being in the “audio” folder on your drive, but gone from the pool
→ waste of disk space / stupid name add-ons needed for files in pool / confusion if you just wanted to do a quick, permanent edit to an audio file

• using this function now for sample creation or doing e.g. a quick fade on an exported stereo mix you quickly re-import always creates new files, which was not the case before

I would really appreciate if the pre-9.5 behavior or the actual “freeze edits” function could be brought back, at least as a preference.