Make effect plugins visible?

There should be a shortcut to make all effects on a track visible, you click on “e” and hold “shift” or something? Its cubase 12 pro

While holding Alt + Shift, click the image Edit Channel Settings button to open all plug-in windows for that track’s Audio Inserts.


How did I not know that?? :man_shrugging: The things you still can learn even after years of using Cubase…

Have you ever tried holding Ctrl while launching Cubase?

Thanx! I was almost right.

No, but I just tried. Do you mean that tiny little window, like a mini version of the bug? Didn’t know that, but it isn’t really helpful, is it? Way too small to even recognize the projects properly…

I never checked if Cubase had any command line options, though. Could be cool!

…Which would be very awesome if it was made into a key command too! Please Steinberg! :heart: