Make events movable on frozen tracks

It can be very useful to have ability to move events on frozen tracks as it is in Ableton or Reaper, for example. For me it would be very handy when I make alternative shorter versions of my music track, so I can duplicate time and edit duplicated events. But events on frozen tracks is not duplicatable.

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When a Track is frozen it should be 100% unchangeable. If you need to move things around, unfreezing it is easy enough.

Beside the way freezing works is it creates a ‘stealth’ render in the background. Moving things on a frozen track would mean changing this underlying audio file, which basically requires unfreezing in order to happen.



At the other hand, Freezing is not Locking the track. It’s just a way, how to free the CPU.

In fact, if you play the frozen file back, you will find out, it’s not the whole track length file. There are some cuts, if you have gaps between the events/parts. And Cubase knows, which part of the audio file should be played back at which position of the project.

That means, the must be some kind of meta data of the positions. So if you would change the event/part position, Cubase could overwrite just the meta data. Cubase could also freeze the events of the track independently. So you could move then later on.

What I try to say, there are possibilities, how to make this feature-request happened.

Yes, it would be nice to copy & paste and move events or Parts in frozen tracks in Cubase! I’m working on a CPU intensive projects so I have more than half of my tracks frozen. I want now to rearrange some things and I just realised that I can’t do anything with frozen midi and audio tracks .
It’s possible in Ableton and Studio One.

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if you want to have locked events on frozen tracks so you must have that option. it could be just another checkbox in preferences.

What about being able to rendition a frozen track to a TrackVersion?