Make everything on the timeline midi mappable

I’ve been looking at 3rd party apps just to be able to midi map things such as: clip nudge, fade in/out, trim clip, clip volume, scroll up and down and left to right (on mixer panel) all with midi knobs.

I’m aware this can all be done with key commands, but having all these things available to map directly to say, an 8 pot midi device rather than keys would be much better and a great time saver.

I’ve tried the generic remote for this but run into problems with rotary knobs because you can’t assign 2 functions to the same pot with left and right turns (example: clip increment and decrement on the same midi knob)

Bones midi was too complicated for me, SoundFlow is very good and I’m making progress with the scripts there but I think it is a little complicated for these few basic functions that I need.

Any comments that make me look silly and tell me this is already achievable will be very welcome indeed!