Make File Path Visible In All Browsers

One thing that frustrates me endlessly is that I can not easily see where my user patches and user samples are stored in the media bay browser and the other browsers. I really need this information. I’m using Groove Agent SE4, I go to save a patch and I can see all of my user patches yet when try to open a patch from the same window, it shows none of my user patches. Why? I don’t know how to add them. It is not intuitive. It does not indicate where any of these patches and samples are on my computer. It’s horrible.

if you’re on Win system the user “VST3 Preset” must be in : C:\User\User Name\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\Groove Agent (or Groove Agent SE)

It’s a bad system because it’s not obvious where they are. I like to back them up, also I don’t like saving data on my C: drive. It’s much easier and more clear to me the way Kontakt handles files. From what I have read on this forum, a lot of people are baffled by the media browser.

If you’re on Windows you can move the “Documents” folder where you want Disk D / F / Z… and you’re safe !

I like the way Native Instruments handles files. It makes immanently more sense to me. When you move the Documents folder, there are still a lot of folders and sub-folders you have to navigate. It’s insane that presets and samples associated with those presets are stored in a totally different place.

Better file management has been requested for -years-. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be a big priority. Many eye rolls. For -me- it’s close to priority #1.

The preset management is so messy.

I wish they would just simplify it, and one day I can hopefully open up the preset browser and ALL of those lost presets would just show up. I do not need 6 different brances of presets, just one simple method.

YES, presets are the worst in cubase! So disorganised! Backing up shouldn’t be a “plus feature” we have to beg for, it should be simple and obvious.

Thanks yes yes.

On windows they just conform to the standard path’s in windows, Steinberg are doing it the way Microsoft intended.
BUT I hate it too, the path of instrument samples, presets and what not, should IMHO be something that was a preference setting in Cubase. Backup is difficult, and most important restoring the data can be a real nightmare. It was easier in the old DOS and CP/M days where every setting was stored in the program path. Not that I want to go back :slight_smile:

Fine. But Cubase could and should provide tools for managing this data WITHIN Cubase. The idea that a musician needs to understand about Local/Roaming/WTF is -ridiculous-.

In Video and Publishing apps, they provide tools to manage ALL the tools in a project. They are called ‘assets’ and the project allows one to import/export and validate all the assets in a project so pros can freely collaborate. That’s what Cubase should be.

Articulate and 100% correct.

Yes pls update file management. Simple file path being visable would be nice