Make folder tracks = Group tracks

Ok, for me in post (Nuendo) I can have for example SFX A audio tracks be controlled by a VCA fader and go into SFX A group track. SFX A group track goes into another group called SFX GROUP along with SFX B/C, NAT FX, and Backgrounds. SFX GROUP goes into the Music & Effects group track together with music group track. Music & Effects group track goes into MED group track together with dialog group track.

Now I move my SFX A audio tracks into a group folder. What should happen to their routing? Does it stay routed to SFX A group track, or does it re-route to a default output? What if I include the group track when I move them into that folder, do the audio tracks still output to the group?.. and the group track changes output to default? What if I grab the entire chain up to and including M&E, but excluding MED? What if I add one ‘set’ after the other?

Those are examples of decisions that need to be made when programming this functionality, and as someone else pointed out a while back some other DAWs won’t allow ‘nested’ routing in these types of folder tracks which leads to why it is of limited use for some of us.

And on the topic of flexibility: One of the reasons Pro Tools was on top for such a very long time was that us professional engineers could go to any PT studio and sit down and know exactly what to expect. Everything from routing to key commands was locked down and “inflexible”… but predictable. So it seems one reason for why some here wouldn’t use this folder feature is related to that - if you sit down in front of someone else’s project what do you actually expect and what do you see? If it complicates everything it will slow things down and that’s not really a good thing.

Having written all of that I’ll just say that I’m not against other people having an option here but I too might not use it. More importantly though development resources are better spent on other things I think. From fixing some bugs, some ‘quirks’ that need redesign, and some new features.