Make folder tracks = Group tracks

The fact that you can’t organize things in Ableton without it making a group is incredibly annoying. That and only getting 12 Groups even if you pay for the expensive version. (So is the inability utilize MIDI Channels!!)

The one thing, (other than clip launching) that Ableton does well, is not hiccup every time some change is made. In Cubase everything causes play to stop, and sometimes midi notes get lost when that happens. Any track that is playing, that can not be changed, should get a think pink line or something letting you know that it can’t accommodate your request, and then make the change when play will not be interrupted.

That is, I know why Cubase does it this way. Ableton will hickup too sometimes, and Ableton can get way out of synch, If you hear it once, live it’s no worse than a performance mistake, and if you pull stems, then you won’t here it there, because you were not making the change in real time.

Not sure which is the best solution, but Cubase, stop Thunking on my Groove!

Any hope for this in an upcoming update? It would be super nice to have the option to make a folder work as a submix with its own fader, fx, etc. I know this is probably like item 500 on the Steinberg dev team’s list… but it sure is a useful feature.

I agree with this, good idea but don’t remove Folder tracks.

Yes! This is really wanted feature for me! Recently moved to Cubase from Studio One and for now I’m really happy with this decision, but I really miss the opportunity to have the folder track combined with group track.

This could be added as a toggle in Preferences, like this :

:ballot_box_with_check: Enable Group Track expansion

and when it is enabled, an optional setting to separate the Group Tracks from the other tracks, that acts like a second Divide Track List, but this time at the bottom of the window and only for the Group Tracks :

:ballot_box_with_check: Divide Group Tracks

The Group Tracks could then be unfolded like Folder Tracks, to show all the tracks that are routed to them, with access to the basic Mute, Solo and Channel Settings.

Those basic settings would of course be linked to the original tracks, and when you select a track from the list, it would also highlight the original one at the same time.

The shown tracks would not display any audio or midi events, but would allow to expand and edit the automation lanes, which would also be linked to the original tracks.

This would be a great functionality, especially on large projects.

I’ve added it to the Feature Requests list.

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+1 - The way Studio One handles it is so perfect (can either be JUST a folder or a folder/bus). Would love to see it in Cubase/Nuendo

I use folders within folders for organization purposes. For me, this would need to be an optional feature setting that one has to enable.

Yeah, thats how it is in S1. Folders can be within folders.

Basically in S1 when you make a folder, theres a little drop down menu you can click and then choose “Assign folder to bus channel”, which then turns it into a folder bus.

Best of both worlds.

Is there any way to add a toggle switch for folder track to make it a group track? If it’s possible please add this i can drag a track into folder to route the track.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

It has been request many times already. Please, add your +1 to one of the request and add the feature-request tag to your post, please.

Was using Logic at the weekend, forgot how good the folders/track stack options were for drum routing. Hoping this gets more votes - not sure how many it needs to be more seriously considered by SB?


I 'd love to see this feature.
Selection of folder = group or not could be included in the preferences I suppose…

In the preferences isn’t even necessary. Create a folder and its a normal folder. Press a button on the folder track to turn it into a bus/group. This is exactly how S1 does it and it’s perf

I like the idea to simplify and make Cubase better but I don’t see anything wrong with folder tracks as they are. Perhaps a better approach would be to implement to track type which can act with properties from audio, groups, midi, instrument tracks. As a bonus include routing more than one VSTi. That would be aweseme…

+1 for this as an option. Flexibility is good

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There is nothing wrong with folder tracks. Compared to other DAWs they are just missing some functionality.
I switched to Nuendo last summer after being a Logic Pro user for 30 years and love it. Still the Summing Stack in Logic Pro is brilliant, as it offers Folder,Vca and Group functionality all in one channel/track. To have the same functionality in Nuendo I need 3 channels/tracks: 1 Folder for folder functionality, one Group for group-processing and one VCA for VCA functionality (which is still missing a mute-button in Nuendo). So even if Steinberg would implement those features to Folder Tracks, no one would be forced to use them?


Folder’s are awesome, they are a great organisational feature.
I would +1 to be able to have them expandable/collapsable in the mixer window also!

I think what needs to be created is something seperate, let’s call it a ‘Stack’ for example.

The ‘Stack’ behaves like a folder, so it has a dropdown of instruments inside.
It has its own inserts/volume/sends etc. much like a group.

The Midi for the stack should be able to be the midi for all the instruments inside the stack (this way we just have to deal with 1 channel in the arrange window, but allows stacking multiple synth layers…) (i guess this should be a choice as there might be some others out there that want to use this feature, but in another way?.. maybe ‘follow stack’ in the midi drop down on by default, but can switched to use its own midi track, rather than the 'stack’s)

The ‘Stack’ should have Multi Macro Knob controls to be able to add whatever multiple parameters to whatever macro knob (not sure where these knobs/macro controls will be, maybe when you open the stack instrument? it is a window with macro knobs and all the settings that go with it).

This collapsable/Expandable stack should also behave the same inside the Mixer window (collapsing, shows just the stacks bus, expanding will expand out to show all the individual instruments.) (a little tab to the right of the to the ‘stacks’ channel on the mixer could show that this channel is different/expandable)

It should still have the inserts, volume etc available per instrument.

You just nailed it !, i Have only been a cubase user since 20 years, But yesterday i spent all day on a multi mic’ed drum kit with 10 tracks. I had to create a folder track to put them all, then a group track to process them, then a VCA track to control over all volume when my blance between each part of the drum has been made (couldnt use the group fader because it would kill the balance of the invidual track send effect level…)

And arriving in the mix console i would have love to have only one folder channel there(that could be unfolded on demand) , that would show my summed level like a group track, but controling overall volume like a vca track, and even possibly “edit vst instrument” capacity with a short cut key.
So i found a complicated work around for that : linking my group chanel to vca track but only by " selecting" in the proposed option.
So now on mix console i see only by defaut the grop chanel, and by clicking " show connected track" in visibilty menu, all track of the mix console would disapear (including the group track) showing only the vca track and all the sub individual sub chanel connected to it.
Then hiting “undo visibilty change” it comes back to the group track only visibilty.

It works , but a folder with group and vca option capacity , that would aslo apear in mixconsole , that could be unfolded there, would be so usefull for multi miced drum or even multiouput enbaled VST-i,

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are people actually against having this option? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

what is it that would be broken if the tracks in a folder are also summed to a buss integrated into the folder? right now, folder tracks are just extra lanes in the UI, which do literally nothing other than fold the stuff inside. very helpful if you want to save space—when they’re folded…but provides zero benefit when unfolded—unless you consider taking up screen real-estate beneficial?

if you don’t want to use the bussing/summing features of the proposed way, don’t use them—but the option would be there if/when it’s useful. I can’t think of a downside to having this always-on, but as many have suggested, just make it optional, and everyone’s happy (well, rational people, anyway).

silly thing to argue against.

hey slow robot - I’m not a very rational person and am wondering if I can be happy with the proposed super folderbusgroupetc?
I quite like the idea.