Make folder tracks = Group tracks

VCAs / linked channels add no additional latency, but busses do. And because of this, it very much has to do with the topic.

Anyway, point is, many of us want folders for organization only. It’s unfortunate that you presume your workflow works for everyone else, but fortunately Steinberg won’t presume this.

ok. I literally said “just make it optional”. we’re saying the same thing. :man_shrugging:t2:

still don’t see any reason it would harm anything to have it always-on. latency would only be an issue if you’re adding plugins that have latency to the new folder/group track. but you don’t want to use them for that, so it wouldn’t be an issue for you.

but again, either way, just make it optional. win-win.

3 years and this is still being discussed. Maybe that’s why nothing will change concerning this - there are just as many for it as against it.
I’m in the against camp. I use folders for organising. Most of the tracks in my folders go to different groups. That’s how I work.

Please prove that to me.

Rather not, I am one of the guys who pleaded for a new track type and to leave folder tracks exactly the way they are right now.

It’s the same as a cc change. It modifies a single value which costs 1 cpu cycle per track. That’s nothing.

Having a folder track that does not have any inputs consumes probably 10 cycles… Which is also nothing.

Source: I’m earning money with software dev.

I don’t understand how anyone can be against it as long as it is optional and has virtually no impact.


Me neither.

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That’s how Studio One handles the topic:
Pack Folder command: current Cubase/Nuendo behaviour, no routing changed

With on click (key command) convert folder to bus, tracks routed to bus:

or convert folder to VCA, tracks assigned to VCA:

Nested folders possible, all options there, nothing would change for users preferring the current Cubase behaviour. What’s not to like about this?


This feature would have been nice. Reaper has been like that forever, and I think the Studio One approach is quite good and will allow for the old users of Cubase to be left alone, without changing their workflow.

hope this will still come within cubase 13 but I doubt it.

Regarding this topic it sounds like this is our solution:

  • We need both folders and busses
  • Coverting folders to busses automatically would impact the CPU so we can’t do that
  • What people actually want is to view relevant tracks nested in a bus. Meaning, if the piano track goes to the reverb bus, then it’s visually nested, similar to folders

This means we need the option to have a regular bus mode and a separate “nested bus mode”.

No luck with this one yet, right?

Not yet. I hope to see it every new version. Maybe 14. Probably not

Someday… someday I’ll be able to leave Pro Tools lol

Personally, I’d prefer to eventually have a stable, reliable DAW instead of more / new features.


This would be extremely helpful. It’s really nice to visually see the routing just by the nesting, and drag in/out of folders for routing.

This is absolut top ++1 of all the improvement suggestions. exactly in this environment with a track folder. can you put in many other ideas and other optimizations etc. a sandbox folder:) this is just a must in cubase. So brilliant.