Make Folders hideable in the Inspector

Make Folders hideable in the Inspector. Why? Many of us use Master Templates. I have mine structured into score order folders and subfolders. For example Strings, Subfolder Violins, Sub-subfolder - Violins solo, Sub-subfolder Violin Ensembles, Violin fx etc. I also have folders for synths, guitars, percussion. In total about 140 folders.
I am currently preventing from using this Master Template directly because folders cannot be hidden. If I were to use this template for a music project, i could hide all the tracks, but i would still be left with the 140 folders. This is a lot of clutter.
If, conversely, folders were hideable, then one could start with a clean project window and add as desired


Do you talk about the project window?
Inspector is the small part on the left side of some windows like the project window, mixer window and some editors.
And you can hide folders already.

Sorry, I did not make myself clear. Let’s say you have a folder hidden in the inspector (this is possible, you correctly point out), when you tick a track within this folder to highlight it, then not only the track shows in the project window, but also the folder structure shows - specifically the folder and subfolders the track is in.
This means it’s ugly and infeasible to have a master template with folders and subfolders, and then select to view only the tracks you want, as you get a mess of folders showing too.
Here is an example from my template. Everything was hidden. All I did was select one piccolo and Cubse automatically displays the folders and subfolders it is in. As all my tracks are organised into folders and subfolders, the clutter gets overwhelming.

The upshot is, that large templates organised into folders are unuseable. If, I, for example, wanted four insrtruments, a violin, a trumpet, a flute and a drum, I would end up with 16 tracks/folders in the project window

Hello I had the same problem
with many cascading folders
the workaround I found was to create a folder per instrument family:
Woodwinds-Brass-Strings-Percs etc…
And I use lots of PLEs with a touch screen to show and hide the instruments I need
A small visual example:

Example screenshot old project

I don’t know what a PLE is, I don’t have a touch screen and do not know what your colored window in pic 1 is. I am Curious what is the window, is it a Cubase window?


Ahah PLE = project logical editor. No thanks, this looks far to complex and time consuming to set up. Been down those roads before.
Feature request - ability to hide folders in project window!


Well it’s not possible the very structure of the folders will not allow to display only the tracks
That’s why my method is correct.

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This is the 14bit Midi Sherlock Plugin
which allows me to access all Cubase commands with my touch screen

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If you need help, just let us know. Once you get the idea behind it, it is very easy and fast.

I assume you mean the project logical editor? I really would not know where to start. I have spent many wasted hours with this feature.