Make Individual MP3 or WAV files from tracks in montage

I have a montage that consists of several audio files on a couple tracks. I’ve got the montage just the way I want it and can burn a CD with tracks just the way I want it. BUT, I would like to create individual files from this montage BASED ON THE TRACK MARKERS and not based on original clip boundaries because I have some fades and overlaps. I can’t figure out how to do this. The end result I want would be as if I burned the CD and then ripped it back into individual files.
Surely WL9 can do this without having to burn then rip a cd??

Can anyone help?


I really hope you mean CD Tracks ?
else you have to editing a new Montage from the old…

Have a look in the Render dialog
Part > All Regions
CD Tracks


and check out the Options
you can do every setting you need in this Render dialog

regards S-EH

Of course, that would be a ridiculous workaround. As S-EH said, you can render files from the montage based on a few things. You want to set the “Render Source” to _All Region_s using CD Tracks.

Then check out some of the other areas in the Render Ribbon tab to make additional settings before your render the new files.

If you have pregaps between CD Track Markers (meaning a track end and track start marker and space between them), you’ll want to use some of the settings in the options menu so that any space between markers is included in the rendered files so the spacing between songs remains the same. Without this, some time could be omitted from the rendered files if you have gaps between the markers.

I personally use only CD Track Splice markers so whether I’m making a DDP/CD, WAV, mp3 or whatever else, that the spacing between songs stays the same.

See the attached screen shot for some clues.
Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 8.06.12 AM.png

Thanks to both! Yes, I did mean CD Tracks. The Render suggestion worked perfectly. In almost all cases where I need to do this space between CD Tracks is not an issue because I am putting track markers in an hour-long continuous file.

Thanks! I will have to explore those options a little further.

Many thanks again!