Make instrument louder when recording

hey guys. is there a way to increase the instrument im recording (guitar) temporarily louder than everything else so that I can hear it in the context of the mix.
I find myself increasing to +6dB everytime and then back to 0dB after im finished recording that take.
Any tips?
Im producing death metal with the drums & bass being in MIDI & the guitars + vocals are recorded
(C12.0.7 on. Macbook Pro M1 Max)



so you found the temporary, or I’d say spontaneous solution by changing the volume just for the recording. It might be easier to use the pre-gain for that if you want to preserve the original fader setting.

The more permanent solution would be to create a submix much like an recording engineer would do it for an artist.
If you have Cubase Pro you can use a Cue Send in the Control Room for this.


If it’s Pro we’re talking about, adding to Johnny Moneto’s suggestions, another way is to use the Listen Bus, Listen to the track you’re recording on, and play with the DIM setting so that the whole mix sits lower and lets the instrument through.

Yet another way would be to setup another audio track, say Monitor Track, load it with whatever makes things louder (maximizer, limiter or a compressor) then activate the yellow Monitor button on THAT track, but activate Record Enable on the original one. So that you’ll be hearing through the monitor track, but recording on the original track instead.


thank you both but can you please elaborate on this or send a related video that explains this.
I have cubase Pro


Hi, This one should help.

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