"Make into frame" not holding in parts. Driving me to drink!

I entered a small suite from Rameau’s Pygmalion (Pigmalion in old French). I have to admit that I am doing splendidly, even make new Master Pages etc … (Although the text styles were driving me Crazy since changing the content of one frame would change it in the other pages as well if they used the same paragraph style, it took me a long time to figure out).

But I am trying to deal with page turns, and I’m going mental. I make some passages into frames (Some system spacing can get a little squishy, but it has to be done). And get everything laid out perfectly; I even add a title pages to the odd part if that helps. I can even print the part that I’m working on (the output is splendid!). However, once I do the same thing to another part, when I get back to the previous part I edited in this manner, consolidated passages that were in one frame have now split into two frames. No amount of “Locking” of “Waiting until next frame break” can change this behaviours. I’m playing a game of layout whack-a-mole. What am I doing wrong? It’s a shame, because this project is basically finished (Except for repeat lines) and this is really in the way, since I cannot use the default staff spacing at all times as it creates impossible page-turns.

So now: a gin and tonic!

This looks like a bug to me, Claude, and a surprising one. It should be the case that a break entered in one layout can have no effect on a break in another layout, but it certainly appears that something has gone awry here. I will ask my colleague Andrew about this on Monday, and assuming we can figure out what’s going on we’ll try to prioritise a fix for this in the first update.

I’ll send you the score on (my) Sunday night if you wish. The project started on Sibelius for the first 12 bars of so, but was completed on Dorico after an initial xml import (the project is several hundreds of bars long). I thought that would be a potentially important detail.

(It was time for a gin and tonic anyway!)

Thanks again for your response Daniel.