Make into page

Didn’t find about this topic.

Is there a possibility to choose how many staves are on one page?

Engrave mode does have “make into system”. But “make into page”?

Thank You

Engrave mode does have “make into system”. But “make into page”?

Try the Make into frame.

Yes I thought so too! But Make into frame doesn’t really work. It kind of works, but It messes up the staves. And when trying to align the staves back to normal, I’m back on square one. I guess dorico sort of does it itself (aligning pages). And it’s ok. Just when you could have the music on 5 pages instead of 6…

But I do enjoy the software!
Thank You, Paul

What would happen if you shrunk the staves?

I personnally use the layout options, on Vertical spacing, the percentage to justify staves, and then I change size, in order to have what pleases me… if that can help !

Thanks. I feel that changing stave size to smaller percentage is useful only for printing out the music and making annotations and then going back to software. But I’d still prefer normal size for reading.

Pardon for naming this thread “Make into page”. I guess when “make into frame” didn’t work as I expected, I was grabbing for a more familiar phrase. Bad habits…