make into system option


I wrote a piece of music and Dorico pushed the last bar into a new line/system and I would like esthetically make it into system do all 4 bars will be in one line as appose to 3 bars in the first system and one bar (the last one) is in a new system since it’s easier to read it in groups of 4 or 8 like the option in Sibelius.

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We don’t yet have any options to automatically specify a certain number of bars per system or systems per page, but if you go to Engrave mode (Ctrl+3) you can select the first note of the first bar you want to be at the start of the system, and Ctrl+click the last note of the last bar you want to end the system, and choose Make Into System from the left-hand panel.

That worked! Thanks Daniel

I am struggling with a similar situation where the last ‘note’ on the last bar of a piece which shows by itself is a rest. If I select the last actual note, the rest is left by itself on a single line in splendid isolation. If I add an additional note instead of the rest as a work around (intending to delete it when the bars are combined into a system) and try the ‘make into system’ procedure, nothing happens.
She Moved Through the (444 KB)

Joe, generally speaking you’d want to select the last barline to be safe, rather than the last note/rest.
In your case you already have System Breaks in place. Just delete the last one.

Thanks for that Peanoleo, I hadn’t realised I had already got some system breaks in place.