Make Key Editor permanently stay open?


I’ve recently switched from Logic to Cubase 8 and am enjoying it quite a bit.

I have a question regarding the Key Editor. I’d like to have the Key Editor permanently remain open in my separate monitor which I can’t figure out how to do. If I delete a MIDI part in the Project window the Key Editor automatically closes. And when I double-click another MIDI part it defaults to opening in my main monitor. Can you help?

Thank you for your time.


Okay, so I’ve figured out it’s impossible to keep the Key Editor open if you delete its parent MIDI part in the Project Window.

However, is there any way to tell Cubase that when I do double click a MIDI part to consistently open the Key Editor in my separate monitor?

Thanks for the help.


Well. You need to ask Steinberg designers for dockable windows
system. For many years Cubase is lacking in this feature. Windows are here and there, they closing when you need them open. Then you realise window in not closet but hover under main window or mixer. Its very frustrating. But tellING about this horrible windows behavior nobody from manufacturer reacting. But maybe you will make any attention from Steiberg to this case. Who knows…

Yes, I already submitted this as an issue. Thanks.

For this I prefer the ‘Inplace Midi Editor’ - in Cubase it’s called ‘Context Editor’!
With the use of Kontext Editor in arrange window you don’t need to open the Midi Editor window.
Nice Solution, IMHO!

File | Preferences | Event Display | MIDI and select “Open Key Editor” in the Default Edit Action drop-down.

The first time you open it, move it to the second monitor (optionally maximizing it); it will open there each time after that. You can also assign a key command (File | Key Commands) to open the Key Editor, which personally I find handier for such a much-used function.

Nice. But its so small on my high resolution LCD panel. And it have lack of edit controls…

you can zoom this view, it is scalable. (mouse on Kontext Editor keys, up/down)

I just upgraded to 9 hoping that they would have fixed this issue. Doesn’t look like it’s been fixed. Can’t find a way to keep my key editor open on monitor #2 when I delete a midi region. I’ve been muting regions instead of deleting them just to make sure the window stays open, but that is making my arrange window cluttered. When I click on a different region to edit it when the key editor is closed after deleting a region, the key editor opens on monitor #1 covering up my arrange window, instead of reopening on monitor #2.

So I tried assigning my arrangement (arrange on monitor 1, key editor on monitor 2) to my default workspace, so I could use a key command to make it open in the second window, by pulling up the workspace again. The key editor will still open on monitor #1 when I click on a midi region, using the key command to revert to my default workspace won’t switch the key editor to monitor #2, so this doesn’t fix the problem.

Seems like a bug in cubase, right? Pretty angry I spent $100 to upgrade when they still haven’t fixed this issue. :frowning:

I found a workaround for this - if you draw a box on the track plane using the pen tool, then record in the area, and delete the recorded midi notes , the window will stay open. I do have Cubase 11