Make "Known Issues" Known


In reading this forum and other industry forums going back years, It seems clear that every Cubase version has come with “known issues.”

This is to suggest/request that there be a running public list of such “known issues” for Cubase Pro 10 and beyond.

Rather than having such “known issues” lurking in the dark waiting for us to hit one or another of them – which will happen, of course, at the worst possible moment – let us know what they are, in a timely way, as they become “known.”

If users were kept informed and updated in a timely way about “known issues,” we will be better able to avoid running into serious session snags or possible project file corruptions or damage.


+1 for a “Known Issues” list.

Regards :sunglasses:

yes please!

I don’t think a known list would be possible. PDF files have a file size limit.



I would also like an updated missing key commands list. Of course that has to be developed from a user base.



But doubt that will happen the way Steinberg behaves