Make Korg PA styles with Cubase

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I was wondering how I could make styles for KorgPA1x/x using Cubase. Is there a way to convert a full midi song to that one chord that would be loaded to Korg arranger? I was not successful finding a video on the web.

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Iā€™m also interested in this in name of a friend who uses the PA.

I created a small style using Cakewalk pro audio. Styles can also be created with Steinberg Cubase. You must have the Korg PA set file, it is called a instrument and has the extension * .ins or * .xml and is a text file.
If you do not have the instrument file, you must create one yourself.
The actual creation of styles consists in creating midi files in Steinberg Cubase and then from Korg PA importing them in style format.
A style can be created from midi files in 2 ways:

  • the creation of separate sections and their import into Korg PA
  • creating a file containing all the sections and importing it into Korg PA.
    Markers are used to designate chord variation limits.
    Once the midi files have been imported into Korg PA, you move on to the settings needed to use them.
    To see what a style looks like, it is exported to the midi file and then uploaded to Steinberg Cubase. The style can be exported in sections or can be exported in its entirety.
    I have Korg PA 300. :slight_smile:
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Hello, I wanted to record korg pa1000 styles on cubase 12, but after recording the sound does not come out of the monitors, it comes out of the keyboard speakers. Knowing that the sound card is well connected. .My question is what do you think the problem is.
Thanks in advance