Make markers larger or chord events fixed size?

I am try to add a visual reference for chord changes to see while I’m playing.
Ive tried doing this with both chord track and with a marker track, but each have their own issue that does not make them very useful for this purpose, maybe there is anything tool that I am not aware of?

For the chord track depending on the zoom the chord event cover differnt amount of time/space on the timeline. is there a way to fix the size of the events?

for the marker track the markers are very small and do not adjust if you increase the height of the track.

Any ideas welcome!


Try the Arranger track. The blocks are much bigger there and different colors and easy to see, if that’s what you need.

Please read this: Changing How Chord Events Are Displayed

Then re-post if you need more info.

that Almost works if there is just one chord per measure, I guess it could work if the transport was set to follow. Big improvement! Thanks