Make Me an Offer

Anyone who is using Essential or something and maybe thinking about upgrading to Cubase 7 and maybe wants to save a few bucks, make me a trade offer.

I’ll trade (and postal mail) my eLicenser dongle with it’s licenses (Cubase 5, Sequel 2) for a software licence of anything useful, like plugins, a sampler or iLok instrument license, whatever you want to trade that’s of comprable worth.

Email me @ if interested.

No cash sale, just trade. I mean, if you have Halion 3 or something and don’t use it anymore, don’t like it or don’t use it because you have something better, email me, let’s trade… or maybe we could get Steiny to just swap out the licenses in our accounts or something.

Aloha A,

This sounds like a great idea.

Perhaps Steiny could set-up a separate forum just
for licensed users to trade Steiny products.