Make .mid not .midi file?

Hi there,

I have to send some midi files to a label. But they say that they can’t use the files I send them because they’re .midi files instead of regular .mid files.

I solo the midi track and chose export midi file. None of the boxes in the info page are ticked. What am I doing wrong here?

Midi & Mid are the same.

With being only 3 midi file types…MIDI 0, MIDI 1 and MIDI 2…Im guessing your EITHER using Cubase here OR Protools, as they both export Midi files…NOT .mid files. :blush:

Solution: Change the file expension (delete the (i) Doing this SOMETIMES affects the file, & its sync to audio (esp if you have a LOT of info in the setup bar or a lot of CC info. (which of course you would want to keep.

Both these Daw Developers need a kick in the bollox, as this has been a simple oversight on their part as NON musical Devs, to NOT to have noticed this for YEARS.

Ok in the dos days, when you had a 3 character limit for file extensions, but many other Midi developers , have stuck with the .mid format for compatabilities sake. This does inherit problems, same as Web technology , treat a .Htm & a .Html file differently.

With the header Chunks & the Tracks chunks consisiting of the MAIN parts of the .mid format, this should be a relatively SIMPLE fix.

Steinberg can you please finally fix this issue. Some people actually use the Daw for .Mid functions. and as
.Mid is the file standard extension. Making up your own file extensions is a bit off par for the course. As problems ARE & DO occur when you simply use alter the last (I) from the .midi extension (This is the ONLY solution I knwo of at this current time… Sync issues & amongst other things :blush: