Make MIDI from audio tight?

Hi, How do I get perfect translation when I want to get MIDI out of my recorded audio using sample editor and following the manual.? For example , I record just the rytmic phrase on bassguitar, single note, From that I extract Midi but the MIDI is right 65% aprox,

How do I get it tight?

Best regards, Micke.

I’ve tested this and it does work, BUT - it depends on how tight/precise the audio part is. It may sound fine in conjunction with other parts of a project even if the notes are not exactly on the beat, but when the notes are extracted to midi the precise note placings are used, so some notes may appear a bit before or after the intended beat. Quantizing the midi part may solve this for you.


Thanks. Quantise does not help 100% I was hoping for to get it right from the beginning but now I know.
Thanks for reply!

I think it is working now, thanks