Make midi recordings done in cycle mode act like audio?

Often I loop/cycle a part then record an improvisation over the top.
If i do this with audio, after record, i can grab the bottom right corner and drag it to the right revealing the entire take as one audio part.
Can i do this with a midi recording?
I cannot figure it out, its annoying.
They are all there stacked as individual takes, but when i drag to right there is no data!
Please help


I’m sorry, this is not possible with MIDI.

The closest you can get what you want would be to Duplicate the Part a bunch of times and improvise over that. Just make sure to duplicate the Part so it is way longer than you’ll anticipate needing - just in case you get on a creative roll.

That is so silly. Its a very simple process one would think.

Yes, thanks, this is what i was trying to avoid. cheers

Can ‘Independent track loop’ help? perhaps not as no others have mentioned it, and although I’m aware of it, it is not a feature I use so have not tested this use case.

To get a different workflow that might be useful, you could play around with this:
Set midi Cycle Record mode to Stacked

Open the windowed Key Editor and activate lanes

Select them and unmute, then double-click to activate to see them, or move each to the end of the previous take. That could possibly be done with a macro.

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