Make Mixer window active

Hi guys!

I’m looking for a solution to have a key command or any other solution (e.g. midi command? mouse click excluded!) to make the Mixer window the active window.
Ok, I know, F3… But if the mixer window is open, F3 closes it.

I want to have a key, that:

  • makes the Mixer window active, if it’s open
  • opens the Mixer window if it’s not open, and makes it active (but the latter is usually the case after opening).

I came about this issue when I wanted to program shortcuts thru the Generic Remote, to show/hide track types by remote controller. It works fine, when the mixer is the active window. But as soon as you click the Project window (to do some edit, or whatever) the mixer does not accept the remote commands.

Any ideas?

Have a nice day



I’m afraid this is not possible.

While on this subject - Is there anyway to make the Project window become the active window when I load a project? It used to do this so I could just load the project then enter the space bar to play it right away.

Unfortunately there are no Key Commands devoted to setting focus. It has been requested before and would really open up a lot of possibilities for advanced Macros. But as of now, no.

The key command Bring to front always focuses the Project Window if it’s not focused.

The only other alternative, which is very lame, is the Windows Sft+tab which will cycle through all open windows.


One idea… Call a Workspace with the MixConsole opened, instead of calling MixConsole window. You can even assign F3 Key Command to this Workspace.