Make Mono Tracks Behave Like Stereo

This -may- be a numbskull request but it’s a real problem…

There are a LOT of plug-ins that don’t work as I expect unless their source is a STEREO track. Basically, any Delay or Flanging or anything that works in the stereo field appears to be summed -before- it gets to the buss so it’s useless.

-My- solution — and this may be the numbskull part… is, whenever possible, to simply copy a mono track onto a stereo track. Cubase seems to basically resolve that somehow (the mono audio events play back fine even though they are now technically in a different ‘container’) but then I can use stereo plugs as expected.

(I got this from watching old PT guys who only ever recorded on stereo tracks.)

The only problem is that if one already has a Mono track… and it contains a lot of automation, one has to then redo all that… which can be painful.

So two thoughts:

  1. Offer a ‘Make this track behave like Stereo’ option for Mono tracks.

  2. Offer a ‘Convert this track to Stereo’ function.

I keep thinking there =must= already be such a function in Cubase and I just overlooked it.

I would like to know the answer to the above question as well…I have cubase A17 and recently downloaded a midi file where the bass was on the left channel and drums on the right…I tried to make these tracks come out stereo by changing the balances to centre …but when I rewound the song being edited it would go back to mono …how do you make an instrument stereo as I could see nothing in the pdf regarding switching mono to stereo whilst editing ?