Make Notepad field resizable

when I fill the notes field with too muich information, it gets not displayed.
Since I use it for writing down all keyswitches, I need it to be resizable.
btw. the tabulators should be consistent too.

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That would be nice. In the meantime you can use the free Mnotepad from MeldaProductions


thanks for the Tipp. I notices more free apps doing this job like this
it would be great if the notes field would also pop up larger with format options and could even hold pictures.

Ah bummer - I notice this is only usable on VST tracks and not MIDI tracks.
The plugin must be a MIDI-addon to be added on a midi track :frowning:

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Well, that’s technically true, but you will usually be able to work around it. When the MIDI track is routed to an instrument there are Audio Insert slots available for the instrument for that track which you can then put a notepad on:

Thats the one I use which is re-sizeable by entering the scaling numbers, plus many different fonts. There is another notepad that can include jpegs as well as notes.

But for the track notepad, yes, the only way to see everything is to double click like you are entering comments.

Iirc, track notepad also does not work with input channels.

@SF_Green: sadly not working on my side since I use VePro on my tracks. There is no AUDIO section.

@Greg_Purkey, what is the addon called? Can you include a link?

This resizing of text in the project notepad is BADLY NEEDED with 4k monitors.

That’s one of the things I like about MNotepad: the font adjustment is so easy with the big controls for the font size right at the top of the text field (see screen cap above).

U Can resize this window but the font is no way also the white background wallpaper i hate it
but i use it and its okay

I tried to contact the programmer @CodeFN42 but there is neither an impressum not any way to contact him/her it seems. This is pretty odd.
Anyways - I hope someone comes up with a MIDI-Notepad or Steinberg is just upgrading the Notepad in Cubase.