Make One track Full Screen with all of its takes

When editing drums, even with a ton of takes, I should be able to easily be able to make one of the tracks full screen. I should also be able to switch to a different track with a simple keyboard shortcut. Editing drums should look like this:

I should also be able to click directly on a lane and split all the lanes for all the drums.

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Do you know the Enlarge Selected Track feature in Cubase?

If you select the Audio events in all Lanes, you can do so.

Hi Martin, thank you for the reply! The Enlarge Selected Track feature doesnt make the Lanes any bigger, just the actual track. I actually did solve this problem by making a ridiculous macro, and putting it at the end of a PLE preset. I’ll post about it tomorrow when I’m awake.

I would be nice to have this option.

Seems you found a solution.
I was about to ask if the below would be helpful:

The way I fixed this was a several step process. In the vertical zoom slider on the bottom right of the main window, the little arrow allows you to select a preset for how tall you want each track to be. For my monitor size, the choice I wanted was “Track size is 4 rows.”
I then made a macro that would hit the Down Arrow 21 times, and then the Up arrow 21 times. Since I have the option set where the Up and Down Arrows only interact with the tracks, and not any items, this puts the track that I want at the very top of the window. I labeled this macro “Move track to top of window.”

I then opened up the PLE and used the Selection preset that said "select all tracks with the word ‘Guitar’ in the name. I made a preset for each drum track that I have by simply changing the word “guitar” to “Kick D6 R” and did this for every track. In each one of these presets, I added a Post-Process Command, which is the Macro I made before, “Move track to top of window.”

Now when I hit Q, my “Kick D6 R” track is selected and at the very top of my window, so my eyeballs don’t have to move at all to see what I want to see.

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