Make part edits not show in score


I would like to make some edits to a viola part but have it not show in the score. For example, I would like the score to have the word legato without any slurs, but for the viola part to have slurs in their parts. How might I make this change? Thank you.

We can show text in a score while hiding it in a part. (Apply the property locally.)
But there is no way to hide slurs (and they are not planning on allowing it).

Ahh thank you. I think it would be great to have that option as complex divisi in scores can be confusing. I was hoping that taking away slurs would help with visual clarity in the score only. Appreciate your help.

… as a string player I can tell you that legato and slurred notes are not the same…
legato is an articulation - and slurs connect more than one note on the same bow stroke.