"Make Permanent"-no prompt for "new version"

I’m using Cubase pro 10.0.60 on win 10.

I’ve copied some of the lead vocal audio parts to the end of the song, cut the copied parts to smaller parts and deleted the ones I didn’t need.
I wanted to use the copies for a sound effect without affecting the original vocal.

I’ve applied “make background processing permanent” and to my horror it didn’t tell me that the audio material is used elsewhere and whether I’d like to “create new version”.

Instead, it screwed up the main vocal track of the song, which resides in totally different parts, different tracks, but obviously based on the same original files from the pool.

What is going on in here?
Am I supposed to manually create new copies of pool files before I dare applying processing permanently?


Once you use any Direct Offline Process, you are asked, if you want to apply this to all events, or if you want to create a new file and apply the process to this new file only. Choose New Version, please. If you don’t see this dialog, go to the Preferences > Editing > Audio and change the settings of “On Processing Shared Clips” to the “Open Options Dialog”, please.

Thanks a lot Martin, that option is exactly what I’ve been looking for!