make Picc lane sound 8va

gents I use the octave-up transposing F-Clef and moved all picc notes one octave down (from midi import)
How can I tell Dorico to play everything one octave higher?

What VST are you using for playback? When using HALion or NotePerformer, here, as long as I’ve actually used a real piccolo instrument (from the instrument picker in the left panel of Setup mode) Dorico automatically gets this right. It might be easiest to add a new piccolo instrument, then copy and paste all the music from your existing stave to the new one. Otherwise, perform the octave shift from within the VST itself.

I am in CONCERT PITCH mode and created a Piccolo
A 8va clef does not transpose the following notes. Neither visual nor sound-wise (Halion)

a. Octave clefs don’t actually transpose the pitches in Dorico.
b. Octave clefs don’t act differently dependent on whether you’re in Concert Pitch or Transposed Pitch.

Basically, some VSTs have octave-transposed patches transposed already, which means that if Dorico’s octave-transposing clefs actually transposed the notes you’d potentially have a lot of fiddling to do. It’s quite standard to publish Double Bass music without an 8ba clef, and Guitar music without an 8ba clef, and Piccolo music without an 8va clef, so it really doesn’t make sense for Dorico to behave differently if you’re using these clefs. Given Piccolo players will never try and play “at pitch”, the “Concert” vs “Transposed” question isn’t relevant.

On my machine, the HALion piccolo automatically sounds an octave higher than the HALion flute. If your ears really aren’t deceiving you, you can open the HALion window, find the correct channel and set a transposition of 12 (which is an octave), like so:

thats it. thanks.