Make Quadrafuzz v1 64bit

Make Quadrafuzz v1 64bit. Please Steinberg.

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Sorry, but you need to write to the owner/developer Craig Anderton (who now does some blog posts over at Presonus using Studio One…) about what could/might happen with QF v1. Its nothing to do with Steinberg; they only licensed its use/inclusion (much like they did with Wizoo FX).

OK, thanks for the info. But it would surely be better and more practical if Steinberg themselves arranged those kind of communications. I dont think Craig Anderton would mind if some random dude emailed him. But maybe would think about bringin v1 back to Cubase if Steinberg approached him.

Totally agree

The sound of fuzz distortion only is quite the same compared Quadrafuzz 1 vs. 2. But… in V1 are filters e.g. in pre section and you have more level gain per section.
Would like to have this in Quadrafuzz III (!)

Hi there, I understand we have Quadrafuzz V2, but it is different that V1 and I much prefer V1… Many others have also stated that they miss the old v1 version, there was a crispy squeezed compressed and limited sound that is missing from V2… I and many others have requested a legacy mode or a separate recreation of the original V1 plugin. PLEASE developers at steinberg make this happen for us!

Is V1 the same as Multifuzz in Digital Performer by MOTU?

Can someone send me Quadrafuzz 1 for Mac?

It works via J-bridge with latest Cubase