Make Sends and Routing happen from Group or folders on Export Audio Mixdown

This is for both Nuendo and Cubase.
As a lot of people who mix music for a living. We are expected to have our stems sound exactly like the mix or as close as possible. In order to do this it would be amazing to be able to select groups and have all of the sends that are coming from the multi-tracks in that group get printed into the stem.
I often share FX and Processing to get a certain glue in a mix. So having separate send processors for each group does not work in my case.
It would be excellent to have the sends embedded in Groups or Folders make their way to the final Export Mixdown. So everything all the way to the Mix buss Processing.
It would also be excellent to be able to designate what is the Final output point of this signal chain. Since I like to have different bus routing for Loud References vs. a Final Print path.

Could you give a specific example? I’m curious and I think I get it, but I’m not sure I do.