Make slices from loop and play with midi?

In this clip they slice a drumloop and play it back as a midifile How To Slice Audio Samples and Trigger Them With MIDI | Quick Tip - YouTube
Allthough this is done in cubase 11 i believe, what is the closest thing i can do in cubase pro 10.5.
I would like to slice a drumloop in the sampler and play individual slices from midi. Is this possible? Thanks for any help


You can slice the audio sample in the Sample Editor or in Groove Agent SE.

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Thank you Martin, is it possible to send midi to the sampler after it has been sliced somehow?
Kind regards Conny


Which sampler do you mean?

If you mean Sample Editor, you can’t. You would need to add an instrument (sampler), for example Grove Agent SE and load the slices to the instrument.

You want the slice mode in the sampler track