Make space for two systems on 1 page


I am using Dorico Element and with the number of instruments I have, there is only 1 system on the first page. However, it can almost fit 2 systems (it is the case on the following pages).

Therefore, my idea was to reduce the space between different elements like between the title and the first system to have enough space for a second one.

I managed to make (largely) enough space for a second system but nothing changes and I still have single system on the first page and a huge empty space. How do I force a second system to be on the first page? (Again, using Dorico Element so I might have limited functionalities)


Have you tried making the Space size smaller in Layout Options?

Yes, it does it.
However I wanted to avoid affecting the other pages that are great just to fix the first one. So I wonder if there are some alternatives.

You can modify that page only, if you modify the properties of that (eventually added) frame break.
I also try to avoid different spacing in different pages, which may mean crowding or emptying some page, but sometimes there is no alternative…

As Alberto says, Elements allows one to change the space size back at the start of a page at a Frame Break in the Properties panel. That should take care of subsequent pages.

So long as the different sizes are not too large, one can usually make it work, especially if the one page made (slightly) smaller is the first page.

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It would be so much easier to advise from a screenshot of the page(s).

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Thanks @Derrek and @Alberto_Maria, it solved it!

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I have a follow-up question.

On the screenshot, I changed the space size to be able to fit two systems on a single page with a system break.

Then, I changed the staff spacing in Engrave mode to be able to free some space between the two systems.
Is there a way to make my 2 systems bigger by using this additional space?
If I increase the space size (even slightly), it doesn’t use that space and it switches back to 1 system per page.

Don’t use Engrave mode to do this. Reset all the manual adjustments, and just use the values in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing.

However, I would enter your music before doing the formatting. You can’t tell what effect the music itself will have on the spacing.

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