make tempo map using spacebar

In Cubase 10, is there a way to make a tempo map using the spacebar to tap the tempo?


  1. Add a Tempo track
  2. Add a MIDI track
  3. Select your MIDI track and record enable it
  4. Hit RECORD on the transport and TAP your tempo in
  5. Select the MIDI event you just recorded
  6. At the top menu tabs in Cubase select MIDI/FUNCTIONS/MERGE TEMPO FROM TAPPING
  • I don’t think you can use the space bar for this as it is tied to start/stop in cubase. It would be nice if the beat calculator could do this then the space bar would work for this.

Thanks for your help. When I select Merge tempo from mapping, I get a message saying “Tempo out of range”. While the tempo should be around 110BPM, Cubase puts it about 360.

Are your left and right locators set for the range you recorded the tempo tap?