Make the cursor go to where I click ( not only on empty space)

Can you add the same thing that pro tools or studio one. I love cubase and I want this feature: click anywhere and the cursor ( or scroll bar) comes to this point.

I know that there is a kind of this function but when I click on an event, the cursor doesn’t comes. It only comes when I click on an empty space.

Ps: sorry for my english. I’m from France

If you alt/opt+shift-click, the cursor will jump to the location.

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As Steve said
Alt+Shift+ left click, Maybe this is the most shortcut I use daily.

Thanks a lot!!!

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Hello, I tried on nuendo 12 but it doesn’t work. Is there something I didn’t do…
Is there something to do before?

Yes, reconfiguring your tool modifiers.

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Hello, It doesn’t work for me. I have a track pad on mac. Is there another way or an option to sign.


Thanks I will try this solution.