Make the editing simple and intuitive


I find the editing not simple at all if I compare to the one of Logic

It will be great if

  • we can select notes or events and move them up and down, left and right
  • we can select the top, or bottom note of all the chords from mesure X to mesure Y and to do a copy, transpose …
  • you can define a segment where you apply modifications
  • improve the transport (sorry to say : like in Logic)

I have attached a screen copy of the tools of Logic

Your goal should be that we dont need read the manual :wink:
All the functions should be in menus

Thanks in advance


Is there is a list of the feature coming with 1.0.40 ?

Next update should be 1.1.0, coming before end of June. Many improvements among which : chords, pedaling, repeats, management of content in voices and flows (copying, moving…) You will find this information if you carefully read Daniel’s answers :wink:

I provided some high-level details here.