"Make this note a tuplet even though there's no caret." ?

In Write Mode, when editing (i.e. no caret or grid) one can still change durations of existing notes via key commands. For example, one can click on an eighth note and with a key command change it into a quarter note.

Is it similarly possible to transform a note into a triplet or other tuplet?


No. So far, tuplets still need to be entered from scratch.

Yes, there is in 1.2! But the caret needs to be active. Select the notes, activate the caret and use the tuplet popover.

So it does. I (happily) stand corrected.

I can’t seem to make this work. On the enclosed my intent is to make the first 3 notes into a tuplet, and while I could accept a rest on beat 3, I don’t find this particularly helpful…

Fratveno, I’m away from my computer right now, so I can’t check whether or not this works, but maybe try exactly what you just did again, but with the Insert tool on.

I take it back. That definitely does not work…

So the issue is that whether or not you select the three notes (that is to say, you could select just the first note of the three and you’d get the same result), what seems to be happening is that the only notes that are moved around, and thus, included in the tuplet, are the notes which currently occupy the space that the tuplet would like to occupy (in the case of a triplet, the first two notes but not the third–but to see the particulars of the behavior, try doing a tuplet where the denominator is bigger than the numerator, like 4:5 instead of 3:2).

I don’t know if there’s an automatic remedy, but you could either select the third note and press alt + left arrow once or twice, or you could select the rest, insert tool on, then delete.

The selection will not have any impact on this. When you create a tuplet with the caret visible, all the notes that are sounding for the played duration of the new tuplet will now survive and scale into the tuplet (they got deleted prior to 1.2). Of course this isn’t exactly what you want to do here, however we are going to use that new mechanism to eventually build a proper ‘make into tuplet’ feature in a future version. And to answer the original question, no, you can’t currently create a tuplet without the caret.

Nice to know these features are on the pipe :slight_smile: