Make tie button a toggle on iPad

After entering a tie, I find I can’t “untie” it by tapping the button again. Could the tie button be made into a toggle please? Thanks.

No, because then you wouldn’t be able to tie more than two noteheads together. The scissors icon lower down the left panel is the one you’re looking for (shortcut U if you have a keyboard).

Use with a tie-chain (select any note under a tie) to untie the whole thing, or invoke the caret and use the scissor tool to split at that specific point. This even works on single notes, e.g. to split a half/minim into two quarters/crotchets or an eighth/quaver followed by a dotted quarter/dotted crotchet.

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Brilliant, thanks Leo. Just given it a try and it works a treat :+1::slightly_smiling_face: