Make tie continuations longer

Is there any way to make tie continuations over a break longer? This default is really not super high quality engraving. having to move notes for hundreds of instances is not exactly good.


I am aware I have asked this in the past. Has anything improved recently? Isn’t this a common thing? I wonder how they ended up so stubby to begin with.

Dorico 5.

would it help to just move the rhythmic position of the first beat of the system a little to the right?

I know it’s not the automatic solution that should exist, but it’s a solution for now?

This is of course on our backlog of things to improve in future, it’s just not yet risen to the top of the list. For the time being, use the note spacing tool in Engrave mode to add a bit of space there.

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OK. For dozens and dozens of them. Sigh. The composer I work with pushes things around so that the downbeat is heavily demphasised, hence the quantity of these.