Make visible midi editor (do not know the name of it)

I’ve used it before, but I do not know the name of this & I do not know how to make it appear (my question is how to make what I can’t name appear LOL) - but I can describe what it looks like.

  1. there’s a vertical piano graphic that you can play on the left
  2. to the right of the vertical piano graphic you see a quantized graph indicating notes verses time.
  3. you use this with midi tracks & and this is used to enter notes, see notes and edit notes (although they aren’t notes on a staff - just this rectangular block things.

Anyway, I wanted to create a quick drum loop. I’ve brought this screen/dialog up before - but for whatever reason I never can remember how it’s made visible. I think in the past I’d do something totally awkward - such as highlighting a portion of the track (the recording area where you see graphs of audio signals - but this one is for midi). After high lighting I’d do something else (don’t remember) to bring up this keyboard roll thing - then I could enter midi notes and such.

Anyway, not sure any of this made sense - but I thought I’d ask.


This is called KeyEditor, and by default, this is the default MIDI editor. Double-click to the MIDI part to open it. Or use menu MIDI > Open Key Editor.

Well, the issue is that MIDI > Open Key Editor is grayed out.


Is the MIDI event selected? Not the MIDI track, but the event in the project.

I believe there is no MIDI event (that area where one places the notes).

Then you have to create one (for example by the Draw - Pencil - tool). The Editor shows the data of the events, not of the track.

That’s how I have been creating the MIDI event - once created I double click on that. I wasn’t sure if that was the correct way to do this. I’ve always felt that was an awkward way of performing this operation - especially since I can never accurately draw the MIDI event at a desired location.

To draw it acuratly, you can zoom before, od course.

The most common way is to record the MIDI data.

Thanks for the help - much appreciated.