Makes Synths Available As Stand-Alone

Makes Synths Available As Stand-Alone instruments. Sometimes, you just want to play!

Indeed! I have just been having a play with Cantabile. Very nice, no latency, pretty simple, free… There’s also one by Hermann Seib called VSTHost, or it’s single-vst version SAVIHost. I reckon one of these will probably do the job for you. Worth a go, anyway, and you won’t have to wait for Steinberg :wink: :smiley:

[Edit] Only VST2, though…

[Edit] There’s these too:

Hermann Seib SAVIHost for VST2 AND VST3 :
But for Steinberg VSTi only Retrologue & Padshop can be used with SaviHost or other Host…Mystic and other are protected…

I use Groove Agent

Groove Agent 4 ? so it’s also stand alone.
Groove Agent 4 SE ? no way cause it’s protected.

They could make a stand-alone Groove Agent SE4 come with Cubase. That is my request.

-1 This is just a request for free stuff. You can easily set up a cpr with all your favorite SB VSTi.

I want all the people here whose names are in red and blue to stay employed.

This would be for performances, quick loading and for less powerful computers. Trust me, I do have a need for this. In case you were not aware, Cubase will not run on all Windows computers.

No one doubts your need for this.

How so? I appreciate and support the stance of needing to pay for what we use & supporting SB.

But I don’t see how that isn’t happening with this request. I have a purchased copy of Reaktor and mostly use it as a VSTi. But it will also open stand-alone which I sometimes use. In either case I’m using software I’ve legally purchased. The only difference is how I am accessing that software.

When I bought C9 a copy of Halion Sonic SE and Mystic came bundled with C9 - I have purchased those virtual instruments. So why is using a virtual instrument I own as a VSTi in C9 legit, but using it standalone becomes some kind of theft? It should still need to see a valid Cubase license to work.

Just for the record, I never said that.

Fair enough, I was reading more into your comments than were there. Sorry about that.

But I still fail to see how this is a “request for free stuff.” I see it as a request to let me access stuff I already have in a different way.

Steinberg has been doing a good job of holding the price down but new features were limited in the last release. Perhaps this is a consequence of the new .5 upgrades.

Just speculation, but there were a bunch of requests in these forums for them to put more focus on stability than new features. Hard for us to tell from the outside how much of that happened. But Steinberg can analyze support requests to quantify the impact.