Making a chord repeat continually like an arpeggio?

Hey everyone. I am using a Hollywood Strings staccatissimo violin in Cubase 6 and I would like to know if there is a way to just play a chord once (just pressing down on the keys on my MIDI keyboard once) and have that chord repeat continually like an arpeggio setting on a keyboard? That way I can just play each chord on a 1/4 or 1/8 beat instead of having to play the first chord four times and then the second chord four times and then the third chord four times and so on and so on. Is there a way to do this in Cubase 6?

Check out some of the MIDI inserts. Arpache/Arpache SX for example will let you do something of this nature, although myself I have thus far only used them to generate repetitions of the same notes rather than along a chord/scale form. I’m pretty sure though there is a way to specify a scale/chord/number of notes and it will arpeggiate along that path at a specifed interval (eg, press “C” and it plays “C-E-G” in eighth notes with the beat, etc).

Ah yes, check out the “Chorder” MIDI insert as descibed in the Plug-Ins manual. Looks like it should do the trick if you select the proper “play style”.

Thanks, guys. I don’t know if you guys completely understand what I am trying to do though. I checked out both of your suggestions and it seems that both of the things you suggested are for programming chords into the MIDI sequencer. I want to play the chords myself in real time and have the chords repeat again and again as long as I have the keys on my MIDI keyboard pressed down. Is there a device in Cubase 6 that will cause whatever instrument I am playing with to do that? It would be nice if I could adjust the speed at which the notes play repeatedly as well… again, in real time, not after the fact. Is this possible?

Sorry. I jumped the gun. I played around with the Arpache SX and that is exactly what I need. Thanks for the help, guys!