Making a created ornament appear in the right panel

I need to create a baroque ornament and I found a glyph in Bravura which I substituted for the Wiggle trill fastest ornament in Music Symbols. I seem to be unable to access it, though, as it doesn’t appear in the right panel under ornaments, nor does the popover react to typing the name. I tried entering it as a playing technique but I couldn’t get it to align to the note properly. Strangely, the playing technique did appear in the right panel after I’d created it. Or am I going about this the wrong way?

The Wiggle Trill glyph(s) are used to construct the trill line, repeating the symbol.

You’ll have to swap it for one of the ornaments that shows in the panel. I’m not sure whether it will display in the panel, though.

Thanks, Ben. Indeed, it doesn’t hange the panel display. This is perhaps one area where Dorico could be a bit more accommodating.

I was wrong. It does change the panel display after awhile or after a reset.

Very interesting, we are on the same track!

I hope in one of the next versions (hopefully soon) all the other Smufl baroque ornaments will be available in an extra ornament panel. Some music is now almost impossible to edit without working for several minutes with a self created playing technique.
The figured bass however is astinishing!