Making a group track with 2 instrument tracks

All audio tracks work just fine, but after sending 2 instrument tracks to a group, no audio waves appear in the group track.

Isn’t it possible to send 2 instrument tracks to 1 group?


It is possible. Could you attach a screenshot of your routing, please?

You know what? I went ahead and merged the 2+ percussion tracks into 1 and then simply adjusted the volumes by adjusting each of them in the screen. This worked just fine. Fewer tracks, less confusion!

However, how can I make instrument 1 track sound both L and R? Even when I choose Stereo Out in the MixConsole, it still is audible from the Right side of my headphones!!


Could you attach a screenshot of your routing, please? It’s hard to guess without knowing the routing.

How does it look like on the meters?

Did you made a stereo track with one channel being on left and the other being on right side…?

Yes, I made 1 track have total Left output, and another total Right.

Screenshot of routing? Is this what you mean?

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It was a hint…

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