Making a lead sheet with rests for session.

Been away from Cubase scoring for about 10 years.Always had a friend with Sibelius do it for me.

I have no problem quantizing, etc. to get the part close to what I played. Now I need to make it fit into a page with rests, intro measures that I enter from a blank page. I’ve checked the manual but haven’t found what I need or else the manual is too obtuse with this info. Anyone out there doing this?

Not quite sure what you are unable to achieve there, but, as regards rests…
In Staff Settings, just make sure that Display Quantize is set to the lowest settings as desired for Notes and for Rests (and you can change these settings anywhere in the Score, by using the Display Quantize tool). Both of these are documented… (pg.553 of the Cubase 6 manual).
I don’t understand your problem about Intro measures… If the MIDI Part has empty bars at the beginning, they will still be seen in the Score. If you mean, specifically, “lead-in” bars, check out “Upbeats” on pg. 668.
You are using Page Mode, I presume? :wink: