Making a Macro page ?

I never understand Steinberg and it’s ideas when it comes to HALion.
Such a powerful instrument , but no new libraries, no real 3rd party development …
HS is mostly locked out, most content HALIon 5 is locked out, Take
Dark Planet as a standalone plugin you can’t get a midi file of the slice loop (just saying if you
want to use it in that format in a 3rd party daw, pointless )
Im guessing that you can’t make a macro page of your own if developing a library.
Concentrate on the flagship products Steinberg !!! stop messing around with useless
light versions

Please make a FR for this, that would be amazing to create macro pages!

It may have already been requested.

Hell yeah. I can’t agree more. To be able to create your own macro pages would be amazing indeed.

It’s been requested many times.

You’re right JMCecil

I remember hinting that they just needed to look at the way Trilian works.

That would be fine!