Making a plugin post-fader puts it way down the plugin list. Any way to change that?

When I make a plugin post-fader in the mix console, it jumps down 12 slots whether they’re empty or not. This is a large waste of mixer real estate and also costs time moving it back (two separate steps: move the post-fader line which is often difficult to move, then move the plugin), all of which is unnecessary IMO.

Is there a way to get it to put the post-fader plugin/line directly after the last plugin on the channel, or wherever you want it to be? I don’t see mention of it in the manual but I could be missing it.


You can change the Pre-/Post-Fader divider where you want to. Either click and move the divider by mouse, or you can right-click to the slot and set the divider.

Thanks Martin. Yes, I do that, but I’m hoping for a way so that I don’t have to do that for every new project, a way to make it default to a much shorter space every time.