Making a recording sound less 'roomy'

Been away from Cubase (and Wavelab) for years playing live. Need to improve the audio of videos taken at some of our gigs. I’ve managed to import the video(s) and audio into Cubase Pro 8.5 (on Win 10 64 bit). Naturally the recordings, mostly done on DSLR cameras and mobile phones etc sound roomy and it would be great to be able to lessen the roomy sound. I seem to remember that there was a plugin or effect that could help reduce the roominess sound. But as I say, that was years ago and I can’t remember what that effect or plugin was. I do have a whole bunch of UAD effects running on a Quad card but I don’t think any UAD plugin has this capability. Does anyone know whether what I want to do is achievable and if so using what?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Izotope RX
Expander / Gate Plugins.

Thanks svennilenni I’ll check that out :smiley: